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Providing Comprehensive Training

Our goal is to ensure you receive timely and professional slotting expertise with your Slot3D™ investment, through effective training and support. In order to make this possible, we offer four easy ways to customize your training experience:

Fundamentals Training

12 Hours

Take control of your educational experience with online live-instructor training for Slot3D.

  • 3 half-day sessions (AM and PM sessions available)
  • Convenient location (your own computer!)
  • No added time or travel expenses
  • Uses Slot3D™ official Training Content
  • Access to a Virtual Slot3D™ Dedicated Workspace for training exercises
  • Instructor can take control of your computer to help with hands-on exercises
  • Fundamentals Training is intended to be a prerequisite to all levels of training

Intermediate Training

16 Hours

A more enhanced level of training in Slot3D.

  • Requires Basic Training
  • Approximately 16 hours of content
  • A more advanced level of Basic Training
  • The second half of the training will be based using your supplied data and operational logic only as time permits & without any specific deliverables
  • No preliminary work or deliverables are included
  • Training would typically be conducted through a live instructor, but portions could be recorded
  • Allows self-sufficiency
  • Uses our Standard Training Data

Advanced Training

24 Hours

Live Slot3D training conducted either at our Louisville Training Center or at your facility.

  • Requires Basic Training
  • An extension of the Basic Training or Intermediate Training
  • Approximately 24 hours (depending on the complexity of the system)
  • Conducted live either in Louisville or at your facility
  • Uses customer supplied data, layout, and operational rules to create training content
  • Uses supplied data requiring preliminary work prior to the training class
  • More time would be spent on advanced setup procedures and how to analyze created results
  • The database is provided to you at the conclusion of the training
  • Allows self-sufficiency

Implementation Training

32 Hours

This offering combines elements of all training levels to bring you the most detailed and comprehensive training package for Slot3D.

  • Requires Basic Training
  • The most detailed and comprehensive training package for Slot3D
  • Pulls content from all the other training packages and is the most advanced training we have ever created
  • Includes the Basic Training component, a portion of the Intermediate Training package and a more detailed version of the Advanced Training Package
  • Approximately 32 hours depending on the complexity of the Implementation Facility
  • This training would only be offered if ids Engineering completed the implementation work
  • The training content will be based on the completed Implementation Facility that was created prior to the training exercise
  • Training materials and databases are provided at the conclusion of the training
  • Allows self-sufficiency

Not sure where to start or can't decide what you need? We can help guide you in the right direction.

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