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3D Warehousing

Slot3D brings 3D tools to warehouse design and optimization.

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Slot3D wraps the capability of a world-class 3D engine with a set of powerful warehouse-specific 3D design tools.


Slot3D’s built-in warehouse design tools understand warehouse equipment types (such as pallet rack, carton flow, and bin shelving) and build 3D objects to fit your specific configurations.

Warehouse Layout Tools

Warehouse layout tools make design a cinch.

Visual Business Rules

Express sophisticated business rules with a few clicks.


With a Slot3D warehouse model business rules can be added visually. For example, location preferences are indicated with a heat map within a model which Slot3D translates into preferences. This allows Slot3D to place the best product in the best locations.


Build out travel paths with Slot3D’s travel network tools and use Slot3D’s travel simulation engine to calculate before and after travel costs for easy ROI validation.

Travel Simulation Engine

Slot3D’s travel simulation engine leverages the 3D model to calculate picking and reserve travel savings.

Travel Simulation

Visual Analysis Tools

Analyze slotting optimization results directly in the 3D model.


A picture is worth 1000 words! Quickly assess the quality of slotting optimization with Slot3D’s model-based visualization. Locations in the 3D model are color coded by SKU velocity to allow for easy validation of results.

Visualize your warehouse today!

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