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Image by Drew Stewart

Affinity Grouping

Automated affinity grouping in Slot3D makes picking a breeze!

With Slot3D's Affinity Grouping preferences, you can:

  • Improve productivity by increasing lines picked per hour, reducing cost of order fulfillment and the labor required to meet fulfillment demand especially during peak times.

  • Increased throughput with orders picked and shipped faster, resulting in more customers with greater satisfaction.

  • Reduce shipping errors, shortages, and product damage, resulting in happier customers.

  • Optimize existing space so as to avoid temporary storage and or delay the need for facility expansions.


affinity grouping.png

Locations of like color contain items frequently purchased together, but are spread throughout the warehouse, increasing the travel time a picker has to walk from location to location.


affinity grouping.png

Items are reslotted into optimum bins/locations for easy picking while still respecting space and bin type requirements.


affinity grouping.png
  • Generate and receive real-time analysis of affinity grouping results. 

  • Run the simulation as many times as you want to always receive up to date information. 

Get started with affinity grouping today!

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