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Help clients value your work with Slot3D

Slot3D provides manufacturers with the tools to create a warehouse design that maximizes operating efficiency, while minimizing the capital cost required to implement.

That gives you...

  • The ability to demonstrate return on investment of what you manufacture.

  • Credibility and value to your design. 

  • Simulated results under various scenarios.

  • A showcase of your competitive advantage.

With Slot3D, you can:

Design your facility with the a wave of a wand.

Exceed client expectations by quickly measuring and designing warehouse capacity, while calculating estimated operating costs.

Select the perfect equipment with confidence.

Know the exact equipment your clients will need with our Equipment Selection Optimization.

Optimize product placement with ease.

With Slot3D, you can optimize product placement while keeping design parameters in mind.

Slot3D is an economic based slotting tool that is fully integrated with AutoCAD, the world's leading design software program. It allows you to visualize, simulate, and analyze results to streamline warehouse workflow and reduce operating costs with...

  • SKU-based multi-locational slotting

  • Using SKU and operations data to determine necessary size, type, and quantity of storage equipment for an optimized warehouse/facility design

  • Auto-creation of 3D locations for ease of warehouse/facility layout creation

  • Facility sizing wizard module for automated design and layout of customers' facilities

  • Providing design specific annual operating and capital costs of simulated layouts

Slot3D helps you:

Generate new revenue streams.

Stay competitive in winning new clients.

Justify product selection based on return on investment.

Simulate many alternatives quickly without moving  equipment.

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Slot3D Professional | Cloud
Equipment Library Customization Service
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