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Slot3D Professional


Go from dreaming about, to creating a warehouse optimized for efficiency.

We know the challenge of managing a safe & accurate warehouse at the lowest possible operating cost. Slot3D makes it easy!


Quickly measure and design warehouse capacity. Experience the intuitive conceptual design workflow and benefit from the ability to make informed economic decisions.


Simply enter general parameters about your storage equipment and easily create an intelligent and accurate 3D digital model of your warehouse.



Designed for busy warehouse professionals that are simply looking for the "Net Result." Easily apply the optimized results produced from Slot3D to your operations.

  • Understand the feasibility of changes in warehouse workflow and the effective cost savings strategy for implementation.

  • Give more attention to cost factors by studying alternative solutions in one model. 

  • Understand the preferred path to maximize warehouse capital investment for DBOM (Design, Build, Own, Maintain). 

  • Realize the benefit of analyses of simulated designs to improve the warehouse performance, rather than having to change an existing facility layout later. 

  • Incorporate standardized design concepts through tested best practices.



With an optional add-on, harness your business data from your WMS and/or ERP to automatically and effortlessly sync with Slot3D.

Optimized Slotting Plans   •   Automated Layout Planning   •   Benchmarking

Equipment Cost/Benefit Analysis   •   Capacity Analysis

  • Design a facility for optimum performance using SKU data and operating rules

  • Verify or validate new facilities can meet operational requirements and ensure optimum of storage equipment 

  • Gain significant operational efficiencies for current and future expansion plans

  • Reduce "stock outs" and optimize frequency of replenishment

  • Re-optimize storage strategies to accommodate acquisitions and/or seasonal spikes

  • Optimize multiple warehouses in a single instance of the software

  • Visualize the impact of potential changes before implementing

  • Improve timeliness of orders by moving products to a location that minimizes travel distance across all orders

  • Explore "what if" scenarios before making any physical changes

Reduce operational costs and increase profit with Slot3D Professional Desktop!

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