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Economic Slotting

Slot3D calculates and uses several key cost values for each SKU and each location within a warehouse. 

Slot3D considers a myriad number of possibilities and still ties savings back to dollars and cents.


Picking cost is the cost to retrieve product from their assigned locations.

Replenishment Cost

Replenishment cost is the cost to refill locations as stock is depleted.


Storage cost is cost of the material handling equipment and related overhead for the locations occupied by a SKU. Minimizing storage cost maximizes utilization.

Slot3D provides individual product move suggestions, and for each suggestion will provide an estimated savings value in the terms of these costs. This allows operators to make informed decisions when applying scarce labor to implement optimization moves within a warehouse.


For savings related specifically to travel, Slot3D provides an easy to use, but powerful simulation engine. Add your travel patterns directly to your floor plan and then Slot3D will walk (or drive) the facility using actual order history to provide accurate distance, time, and cost metrics for easy ROI calculations.

Travel paths are constructed by placing nodes into your warehouse drawing and then connecting them with paths that represent the direction of travel between those nodes. Start, stop, hand-off, and replenishment nodes are used to guide the simulation in moving through the facility in a realistic manner.


Slot3D’s flexible travel engine can simulate travel with any type of picking equipment.

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