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Partner Referral Program

Increase the life-cycle of your products and services.

Referral partners strengthen their customer relationships. Adoption of Slot3D can help enhance and maintain the value of your products, services, and offerings.

Warehouse Workers

Are you a...

  • Material Handling Integrator?

  • Warehousing Consultant?

  • Logistics Solutions Company?

Are you looking to...

  • Understand the feasibility of changes in warehouse workflow and effective cost-savings strategy for implementation?

  • Give more attention to cost factors by studying alternative solutions on one model?

  • Identify workflow bottlenecks and improve throughput?

  • Standardize the facility production increases through tested practices?

  • Understand the preferred path to maximize warehouse capital investment for DBOM (Design, Build, Own, Maintain)?

  • Simulate designs to improve warehouse performance, rather than having to change an existing facility layout later?

Warehouse Shelves

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then the Slot3D Referral Partner program could be right for you!

A custom-designed growth incentive program that fosters the customer approach between you and Slot3D.

Increase Exposure

Show your customers you have connections with industry leading experts in warehouse operations.

Thanks for reaching out! A slotting expert will be in touch soon!

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