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Slot3D Partners with Fuzzy LogX

Louisville, KY – Slot3D, the global leader in product slotting software for warehousing and distribution, has appointed Fuzzy LogX, Australia’s leading consulting firm for distribution center design, process improvement and automation, as their local reseller in Australia and New Zealand for the Slot3D warehouse slotting software platforms.

Ellsworth Collins

“Bringing the Fuzzy LogX team on board as our local partner has really strengthened our presence in the Asia-Pacific region,” said Ellsworth Collins, Executive Vice President at Slot3D. “An established partner with a great network, an excellent reputation and a thorough understanding of what benefits Slot3D can provide for the industry is what we found in our new partner.”

Slot3D has been eager to expand in to the ANZ region. Fuzzy LogX had identified a need for competitive slotting software through their various projects. A partnership between Slot3D and Fuzzy LogX was the optimum solution to meet the needs of the region.

“This is an exciting opportunity for us and the logistics industry as a whole” said Bas Schilders, Principal Consultant of Fuzzy LogX. “There are so many ways to improve a distribution center but starting with basics, like having the right product, in the right location, with the right quantity, at the right time is definitely one of the best starting positions to an efficient operation. Being a best-of-breed software application, Slot3D has been specifically designed to provide just that, efficient placement of product within a distribution center.”

As part of their commitment to establish the Slot3D product locally, Fuzzy LogX hired additional staff and has invested in a substantial training program to ensure local support is guaranteed.

“The feedback to date has been overwhelming,” said Schilders. “With ROI numbers as low as 3 months, it’s no wonder slotting is on everyone’s radar as one of the first improvements any warehouse or distribution center investigates on their journey to improve their efficiency.”

Slot3D is now available for Australian and New Zealand customers in 2 different formats:

  1. Slotting using a customers’ own license whereby customers get their own license, receive training from the Fuzzy LogX Slot3D specialists for their initial setup after which they can run their own slotting exercises as they require.

  2. Slotting as a service, whereby customers don’t have to purchase a license but only pay an initial model setup fee and an ongoing subscription with different levels of slotting runs, depending on their requirements which is ideal for seasonal businesses.

“The great thing about Slot3D is that there is no limit to the number of warehouses / distribution centers. With a single license, customers can optimize as many operations as they like, at the frequency they prefer” said Collins. “Slot3D also comes with an optional plug-in which allows customers to automate the data stream from their WMS into Slot3D and the slotting results back to their WMS with the required product movements and sequencing.”

Furthermore, with the addition of easy-to-use and flexible dimension capture technology, Slot3D is truly at the forefront of the market technology making the ‘perfect slot’ a reality.

If you would like to know more about Slot3D and how it can help you become more efficient in the ANZ region, contact the Fuzzy LogX team at and they will get in touch with you as soon as possible. For other regions of the world, contact the Slot3D team at


About Slot3D, LLC:

Slot3D, LLC – headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky – is a subsidiary of Advanced Solutions, Inc. Slot3D is a software solutions provider, including world class software and consulting services. Specializing in designing material handling and information systems for both manufacturing and distribution operations, Slot3D, works on a global scale to fulfill the needs of clients, from small to some of the largest distribution companies in the world.

About Fuzzy LogX:

Fuzzy LogX, based in Australia, provides project management & consulting services, leading-edge data analytics, concept design & validation, solution/software tendering, implementation and solution validation services to businesses with Storage & Distribution operations looking to automate or drastically improve their distribution centers.

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