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Consulting Services

Jump start your slotting project with the help of our slotting experts!

We know the challenge of managing a safe & accurate warehouse at the lowest possible operating cost. Slot3D makes it easy!


Data Help

If limited IT support is a bottleneck for your slotting project, our experts can provide customized data import procedures to help keep you on track. We also provide data analysis services that will help you produce the optimal facility configuration based on your organization's order history and business logic.



If you've completed your slotting but need some ideas on how to modify your facility to achieve optimal slotting savings, let our experienced Industrial Engineering staff assist you. Utilizing web meeting technology, we can review your slotting results with you directly from Slot3D and then apply live changes to your facility configuration.



We can provide personalized views of the rich Slot3D data set so that you can evaluate results using your own metrics. You can choose from many formats including Microsoft Excel, Crystal, CSV, and others. We also offer fully customized text data extracts to help you interface with your WMS.

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