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Truck and Warehouse

Space Optimization

Make better use of existing warehouse space with Slot3D.


Volume requirements for products change over time. Use Slot3D to reduce wasted space within locations by getting product into the right-sized pick face. Slot3D’s advanced economic algorithm can consider space utilization along with picking, travel, and replenishment costs so that space-saving moves don’t come at the cost of reduced throughput.

Use Existing Locations More Efficiently

Optimize space without sacrificing productivity.

Consolidate or Eliminate Non-Moving Product

Don't waste valuable space on product that doesn't sell.


Slot3D identifies zero or low-velocity product for removal or consolidation. The built-in Squatters analysis, for example, identifies SKUs with a high age (days since last pick). Easily build a list of items that can be removed and/or relocated to quickly free up space.

Design More Efficient Slotting Areas

Right-sizing for efficiency made easy.


A common approach is to use Slot3D to design a high-density storage zone for low-velocity items, which allows more product to be slotted in the same space with minimal impact on picking productivity.

Put-away Suggestions

Know where to place product as it arrives.


Beyond moving product to make the best use of space, Slot3D can help direct newly arriving product to the best available empty locations as it enters the warehouse. This optimizes space and productivity efficiency and reduces relocation labor in the future.

Optimize your warehouse today!

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