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Using Slot3D

Slot3D uses Microsoft SQL Server as a database backend. One SQL Server instance may house multiple Slot3D databases. The Data Sources command is used to select between the databases available on a database server.

  1. To switch to a different database server, modify connection settings and press the Refresh Data Sources button. Most of the time it is not necessary to change database servers.
  2. Select the desired database from the list and press the Set Current button. The check mark will move to the selected database.
  3. Press OK. Slot3D will ask to restart, press Yes.

The Facility tab is used to interact with the 3D model of a facility. A 2D CAD drawing is helpful, but is not necessary when designing a 3D model within Slot3D. Here are the steps to import a 2D CAD drawing to use as a guide, while constructing/creating your Facility Model.

  1. Press the Slot3D button.
  2. Press the import AutoCAD Drawing button.
  3. Select an AutoCAD Drawing.

A facility is Slot3D’s representation of a warehouse, or a portion of a warehouse. The first step in any slotting project is to create a facility. Each Slot3D database may house multiple facilities.

  1. Press the Slot3D button.
  2. Press the New Button.
  3. Choose Empty Facility from the menu.

The Facility Builder will be displayed when a new facility is created. While a user may configure the carious facility builder parameters at this time, it is typical to set only the facility name initially, and then handle other facility options later in the facility configuration process.

  1. Enter the Facility Name.
  2. Press OK.

The Insert Bin Layout tool can be used to create bins (add them to the facility design) and stamp bins (add them to the facility model) at the same time.

Invoke the Insert Bin Layout Tool and press the Define New Bins button.

  1. Select an existing Zone, or enter the parameters for a new Zone.
  2. Select an existing Bin Group, or enter the parameters for a new Bin Group.
  3. Select an existing Bin Pattern, Bin Template, or enter the parameters for a new Bin Pattern.
  4. Enter a number of Bins to create.
  5. Press the Create Bins button.
  6. The newly created bins will appear in the Selected Bins list to be stamped.

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