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Warehouse Design

Slot3D’s Warehouse Design features take the guesswork out of designing a distribution center

Slot3D’s warehouse design feature will help you select the best material handling equipment, create a design in 3D, and assign product simply and easily.


Specify a few high-level site-specific parameters (such as labor cost and the cost of land/utilities).



Import data about the SKUs and orders to be processed through Slot3D’s flexible data mapping wizard.




Select the type of equipment to consider from Slot3D’s library of standard types (such as shelving, flow rack, pallet rack and many others) and/or add your own custom configurations.



Slot3D assigns SKUs to the available equipment and provides detailed cost information not only for the equipment but for the impact of operations (picking, replenishment).  Easily add/subtract/modify to arrive at the best solution for your site.




Create a 3D layout of your actual warehouse and see how everything fits together.




Once the design is done, Slot3D generates specific SKU to location assignments for the new warehouse for an easy move-in.


Get started designing your warehouse today!

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