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Retail/E-commerce/B2B Distribution

Maximize high throughput, minimize direct labor costs using Slot3D tools and resources.

We know your biggest challenge as a warehouse operator is managing a safe and accurate warehouse with the lowest operating cost possible. Slot3D gives you the ability to...

  • Manage diverse and specialized equipment effectively 

  • Manage seasonality 

  • Move product from manufacturing to store shelves 

  • Prove investment in automation was worthwhile

  • Minimize mistakes in picking to ensure order accuracy

  • Take advantage of order affinity 

With Slot3D, you can:

Perform cost/benefit analyses

Using Slot3D's economic based algorithms, analyze picking costs and space utilization.

Generate pallet build sequences

Build pallets with ease while accounting for stability, reducing product damage, and analyzing the cost efficiency.

Optimize move generator

Maximize space utilization by consolidating SKUs to free up more locations. Right size your SKUs.

Slot3D Design is an economic based slotting tool that is fully integrated with AutoCAD, the world's leading design software program. We are here to help you visualize, simulate, and analyze results to streamline warehouse workflow and reduce operating costs with...

  • Optimized slotting plans

  • Equipment cost/benefit analysis

  • Capacity analysis

  • Benchmarking

  • Space and Layout Planning

  • Operating Cost Analysis

Slot3D helps you:

Reduce picking cost

Utilize space better & delay buying more space

Spend less time measuring and inputting data

Damage less products

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