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Improve efficiency through information-driven decisions.

Streamline the slotting process with easy-to-execute slotting suggestions.


Quickly and easily access your slotting plans and dashboards from any web browser.


See your moves analysis ROI. Easily identify savings from prior completed moves. Recognize lost opportunities from prior uncompleted moves.


Hyper Optimize

Select the optimal parameters to drive the  best slotting optimization results.


Select Equipment Easily

Compare storage options to identify the most efficient use of space.

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Insights to Make Operations Easy:

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Reports & Suggestions to Improve Your Warehouse:

Top 10 Suggested Move Sets

See recommended moves in your warehouse to maximize your saving potential.

Biggest Wasted Spaces Suggestions

Identify potential SKUs to be moved or opportunities for reprofiling. 

Easy to Understand Warehouse Reports

  • Affinity Group Analysis

  • Reslot Moves Report

  • Placement Suggestions Report

  • Squatters Move Report

  • Unslotted SKU Analysis



Harness your business data from your WMS and/or ERP to automatically and effortlessly sync with Slot3D.

Slot3D Operations v2.png
Slot3D Operations Wordmark White.png

Reduce operational costs and increase profit with Slot3D Operations! Contact us to learn more!

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Each warehouse and situation is different. These examples are for illustrative purposes only. Results may vary. 

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