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Slot 3D™ Professional

An economic based slotting solution

Slot3D Professional is an economic based slotting tool that is fully integrated with AutoCAD®, the world’s leading design software program. Visualize, simulate and analyze results to streamline warehouse workflow and reduce operating costs. Slot3D capabilities include optimized slotting plans, capacity analysis, space and layout planning, equipment cost / benefit analysis, benchmarking.

Benefits of Slot 3D

Explore and Validate Multiple Design Options

Design and evaluate warehouse layouts that meet storage and distribution requirements and produce the best selection of type, size, quantity and equipment.


Visualize and simulate layouts digitally in 3D before making costly physical changes to warehouse operations. Evaluate functional aspects, explore designs in context, and efficiently communicate layout options to key stakeholders.

Increase Productivity, Decrease Costs

Optimize SKU placement to minimize storage space, picking costs and equipment procurement expenses.

Key Features

Conceptual Designs

Slot3D is packed with powerful analysis tools to quickly measure and design warehouse capacity, while calculating estimated operating costs.

3D Warehouse Model & Layout

Simply enter general parameters about your storage equipment and watch as Slot3D effortlessly creates an intelligent and accurate 3D digital model of your warehouse.

Daily Optimized Results

Slot3D ProView is a workflow designed for warehouse professionals looking to easily apply optimized results in their warehouse operations.


AutoSync powers your Slot3D models with business data directly from your WMS and/or ERP software systems automatically and effortlessly. (Optional Add-In)

What our customers have to say

  • Slot3D is a software tool that allows you to efficiently optimize your finished goods and pick areas. Slot3D will revolutionize PepsiCo’s warehouse and distribution operations.

    Tim Watson
    Director Global Warehouse Operations PepsiCo

  • As the principal at Trommer and Associates, I selected Slot3D Software as our tool of choice for warehouse planning and analysis. The use of Slot3D has allowed us to extend the value we provide for our clients and take our facility planning services to an even higher level. The economic based algorithms of Slot3D, combined with the embedded AutoCAD software, allow for graphic and information modeling of floor plans and equipment. This powerful combination provides the assurance that operating costs have been optimized with the least amount of capital investment. The Slot3D models we have created for various Distribution Centers, using the client’s operating data and business rules, have allowed us to create better results over traditional methods. All Distribution Systems can benefit from Slotting Optimization but Slot3D helps with both the reduction of operating costs and the capital required for space and equipment.

    Steve Trommer
    Principal Trommer and Associates, Inc.

  • Slot3D software is a tool we use to assist our customers to improve their warehouse operations. It is a powerful application that shows a rapid ROI for warehouse design projects and continuous re-slotting needs. The built-in AutoCAD and report generation capabilities allow for presentations to be created, meeting the needs and expectations of customers who prefer either visual or number based analysis.

    Larry Clausen
    Engineering Services Manager UPS Customer Solutions

  • I had a very specific purpose in mind for the use of Slot3D when I started my search for a slotting optimization tool. I was in the process of consolidating two existing warehouses into one new facility. The design work for the new facility had been completed with the aid of a consultant along with the specifications for new equipment purchases. Since the opportunity to build and equip a new facility doesn’t happen that often, it was imperative that we get it done absolutely right at the outset. This is why I wanted a way to verify that we had the correct design and were equipped properly to support our distribution requirements. Slot3D proved to be the tool we needed. It helped us analyze the design and correct several things that otherwise would have been costly mistakes that we would be living with for a long time. It is my opinion that anyone who is involved in the design of a new warehouse or even a re-design of an existing facility would benefit from having their design verified using Slot3D.

    Wayne Decker
    Senior Vice President of Operations Big Rock Sports, LLC.

  • At WOW Logistics we pride ourselves on providing superior service at the least possible cost to our clients. Our services are very dynamic by nature because the product mix changes frequently. This creates the need to re-optimize our storage locations in order to maintain the least cost for storage and order fulfillment. We chose Slot3D as our optimization tool because it is economic based and provides the ability to model our operations in a way that we can quickly adjust to changes and maintain control of our costs.

    Sherry Janssen
    Vice President of Engineering WOW Logistics

  • From the perspective of a Warehouse Design Professional, Slot3D is a planning tool that can achieve optimal placement of products within warehousing and distribution environments. We have used Slot3D to model cost savings in a number of different ways for Clients in diverse businesses. Slot3D allows scenarios to be developed which provide a basis for product placement analysis. When properly applied, Slot3D provides an overview of the physical warehouse space, inventory characteristics, and the associated rules for how inventory should optimally be stored and picked. When prudently analyzed, the results provided by Slot3D can guide the Warehouse Design Professional with the selection of storage systems. The software identifies cost saving opportunities which would otherwise be over-looked. Our Slot3D software will definitely augment all our other optimization capabilities. We have proven to ourselves that this value added tool can reduce our clients operating costs and streamline their distribution practices.

    James P. Mullaney
    Senior Vice President National Storage & Conveyor Systems

  • Changes in product demand, seasonality, and a continuous stream of new products made the need for quick location assignments top precedence. Additionally, with the rigid constraints of freezer walls, utilization of space is a high priority. Slot3D combined multiple challenges to achieve a customized recommendation of SKU storage locations.

    John Wright
    Logistics Development Manager Sure Winner Foods