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Economic Slotting

Economic Slotting

Intelligent move suggestions with savings expressed in dollars and cents.

3D Warehousing

3D Warehousing

Bring 3D tools to warehouse design and optimization.

Warehouse Design

Warehouse Design

Take the guesswork out of designing warehouses.

Space Optimization

Space Optimization

Use existing locations more efficiently.

Slot3D is the global logistics industry leader in warehouse design, warehouse slotting, and warehouse optimization tools and services. 

What is Slot3D?

Slot3D’s warehouse slotting software enables the design, visualization, and optimization of distribution workflow. Slot3D is powered by your data and helps you make powerful economic-based business decisions. 

How does Slot3D work?

Slot3D's digital modelling capability uniquely combines AutoCAD layouts with powerful economic-based planning and analysis tools, providing for operational efficiency in ever-changing, fast-paced warehouses.

Leader in Slotting Solutions


For over 20 years, Slot3D has been serving the global logistics industry with software and services.​


With economics at the forefront, Slot3D is the leader at saving customers money.

Slot3D allows user to...

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Explore and Validate Multiple Design Options

Design and evaluate warehouse layouts that meet storage and distribution requirements and produce the best selection of type, size, quantity and equipment.


Visualize and Simulate Layouts in 3D

Before making costly physical changes to warehouse operations, evaluate functional aspects, explore designs in context, and efficiently communicate layout options to key stakeholders.

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Increase Productivity, Decrease Costs

Optimize SKU placement to minimize storage space, picking costs and equipment procurement expenses.

Key Features

Conceptual Designs

Slot3D is packed with powerful analysis tools to quickly measure and design warehouse capacity, while calculating estimated operating costs.

Daily Optimized Results

Slot3D ProView is a workflow designed for warehouse professionals looking to easily apply optimized results in their warehouse operations.

3D Warehouse Model & Layout

Simply enter general parameters about your storage equipment and watch as Slot3D effortlessly creates an intelligent and accurate 3D digital model of your warehouse.


AutoSync powers your Slot3D models with business data directly from your WMS and/or ERP software systems automatically and effortlessly. (Optional Add-In)

Trusted by everyone, big and small:


"Slot3D is a software tool that allows you to efficiently optimize your finished goods and pick areas. Slot3D will revolutionize PepsiCo's warehouse and distribution operations."

Tim Watson

Director Global Warehouse Operations, PepsiCo

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